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The Asian Academy was founded by internationally trained Celebrity Aesthetic Physicians, Facial Aesthetic Surgeons, and Dermatologists. This Academy offers an immersive programme designed to educate medical professionals of all specialties on the most recent advancements in the aesthetic industry. Our trained Celebrity aesthetic physicians, Facial aesthetic surgeons, and Dermatologists are truly capable of providing this sound approach in facial aesthetics training through a variety of methods.

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ASIAN ACADEMY is a World Renowned Advance Aesthetic Science & Advanced Dentistry Education Training Platform with it's own Headquarters in INDIA.

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Across the country, we strive to teach the best nonsurgical facial aesthetics. Aesthetic practise appears to be very appealing. As a result, we ensure proper training and ongoing knowledge and skill development. Through the power of learning, educating, and networking, we are forever changing the world of aesthetics training. With the best business practises available, we are here to help your practise succeed quickly.

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Asian Academy is an IAF, IAS, and ISO 9001:2015 certified private, unaided, and standalone aesthetic training academy that provides medical practitioners with short-term certificate training courses, workshops, and fellowship programmes.

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